What people have said about my work

Although this is a launch of a new product, I have been conducting workshops since 2008 and here are some of the testimonials that people have written about my work as a facilitator in the past.

Ange is one of a kind and teaches with an open and honest mind, and with a huge amount of patience. Her training methods are taught with an extensive knowledge of the subject, first hand, and a good dose of humour which makes it stimulating and motivating at the same time. Her workshops always leave me wanting more.

Sarah Vernon

Ange is the most wonderful teacher. She has mentored me and taught me Reiki level one and two and I can't wait to get back for more. Her biggest strengths are her capacity to listen, to empathise, to demonstrate and lead by example - a crucial aspect of teaching in my opinion - and to facilitate self-confidence. Her methods are subtle, so you don't feel like you are being "taught". Training takes place in a very relaxed environment where you are made to feel completely secure to learn and explore. Ange has a presence, a serene calming "vibe" that inspires me to find those aspects of my own self. Her faith and conviction that "I can" are utterly reassuring and this mentality now stays with me all the time. She truly makes you feel that nothing is impossible. Be prepared for laughter too - the final ingredient in her magic recipe!

Ali Todd, Primary school teacher and author 

I had never done mosaics before and that is something that usually makes me nervous. It didn't take long for Ange to put me at ease. She had ideas for the design which I was grateful for. Then as soon as I learnt to cut the tiles, it all came together: it was so easy and so much fun. I didn't even know I had it in me. I can never look at a broken thing the same way again: it's just not broken anymore, it's something to create with. And I fell in love with the mosaic I did. She is just so beautiful. And she summarises my whole five years in England beautifully. 

Laurie Vallas 

I am a medical doctor and have trained with Ange as a Slim Soul Coach. Having done a lot of training both as a trainee and a trainer, I would like to say that her approach and methods are very professional. As Ange was a trainer in her previous profession, she gives trainees interesting, relevant slides and supporting document for later use. She also knows how to keep training alive and how to personalise it to each person who takes part in the group. Everyone leaves with what they need. 

Shireen Khanum,  Pediatrician