Module 1 - Get started

This workshop is not running at the moment. I am taking a pause from teaching to do my own writing. Sorry if this is causing you any inconvenience. 

Being able to offer my workshop "Get started" is a real privilege. Although it sounds like it is a workshop for beginners, it can actually benefit you regardless of how little or how much experience you have as a writer as it can help more experienced writers who are in burn out or who have a block. 

What you will leave with at the end of the workshop: 

  • A clear vision for your writing journey 
  • A plan to make your dreams come true 
  • The three excuses people give for not getting started and how to overcome them
  • The five most common mistakes green writers make 
  • The seven golden rules of writing 
  • Increased confidence on your ability to write 
  • An understanding of how the mind works 
  • Tools to deal with your inner critic 
  • A list of beliefs you may hold about writing and how to change them

Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions about the course, call me on 07914606729 (UK mobile). If you want to reserve your place, go to the online shop and use paypal to pay for the workshop fee. Places will only be secured after full payment. 


Ange de Lumiere